Trial Allocations

Obtaining an initial allocation is a two-step process.  Each allocation is associated with a Principle Investigator (PI), who must be a faculty or staff member.


  1. The PI must create a MyGroups group in advance to assign students and others to the approved allocation. Note: for compatibility with SLURM, MyGroups group names should consist of lowercase letters, digits, or underscores only.  Please do not use spaces in the group name.
  2. The PI must then request a “Trial” allocation through our Trial Allocation Request Form.

Standard Allocations

When the Trial allocation has been used, PIs may make a one-time request for a Standard allocation to continue working while preparing a request for another type of allocation.

Administrative Allocations

A short proposal can be submitted to one of the units that originally funded the system in order to obtain a large quantity of time.  The appropriate unit depends upon the PI's affiliation (College, SEAS, or other).


Time can also be purchased.  Purchasers are granted a higher priority in the queue.