shugart_slideshow_graphic.jpgIndividual-Based Models of Forest Dynamics

The goal of this project is to update a forest dynamics model originally written in Fortran 77 to a more modern and flexible version of Fortran. Ultimately, Dr. Herman Shugart (CLAS, Environmental Sciences) wants to study the impact of scenarios such as climate change on forest succession.

hawley pic.pngMassively Parallel Simulation of Black Hole Accretion

Computational MHD is widely used for astrophysics research. Athena is one of the most popular codes in this field. John Hawley (CLAS, Astronomy) used 4800 cores of Rivanna to carry out a historically high resolution run of Athena to study turbulence in accretion disks.

mcgann_slideshow_graphic.jpgApproximate String Matching Across Literary Corpora

Dr. Jerome McGann’s (CLAS, English) project examines different versions of a literary work in which many strings of text have moved relatively to each other with minor internal changes. The project required a UVACSE consultant’s expertise in modifying a Java program to carry out the analysis.

corwin_slideshow_graphic_1.pngVisualizing Neural Cells

Dr. Jeff Corwin (U.Va. Medical School) and his collaborators teamed up with UVACSE to produce high-resolution tomography of mouse neural cells. They used visualization software to explore cell structures. By taking slices of the neural cells and reconstructing a three-dimensional model, they were able to visualize what has never been seen before.

crash test 2_0.jpgOccupant Protection in Rollover Crashes

This problem aims to identify and describe the parameters that affect occupant injury risk in rollover crashes. For Dr. Jeff Crandall and his team to conduct and analyze this research, UVACSE needed to facilitate his access to U.Va.'s HPC cluster resources.