Old Home Directories Restored On Rivanna

The larger home directories set up during the upgrade proved to be unstable and were affecting system performance, so we have reverted to the old ITS Home Directory as the Rivanna home directory, as was the case before the upgrade.

The 50GB space is still accessible as a folder called workdir

cd workdir

If any folders or files are missing in your home directory, look in workdir.  You can copy them to your home directory but remember that the ITS Home Directory is only 4GB of space.

Rivanna Upgraded

Rivanna has been upgraded to Centos 7.3.  Most software packages have been upgraded to newer versions as well, including compilers, libraries, and many applications.

The major changes include:

1. UPDATE the 50GB space is now workdir, and the home directories are the ITS Home Directory Service ("J Drive") folders as before.

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