Registration for ARCS Summer Workshops Now Open

Would you like to learn the basics of high-throughput and parallel computing? Do you want hands-on high performance training that you can apply to your research? If so, then we invite you to attend one or more sessions in ARCS' Summer Education Series. The sessions are free for all UVA faculty, staff, and students. Topics include how to program in Python, scientific visualization, modern Fortran, data analytics, MPI for distributed systems, OpenMP for multicore systems, and more!

Containers on Rivanna

Containers are packages of libraries, executables, and, optionally, data that encapsulate software and workflows in a way that is portable and can be easily shared with others.  The most popular container server is Docker, but Docker makes some assumptions that render it unsuitable for a multi-user high-performance computing system.  Singularity was developed to respond to these issues and is growing in popularity at HPC sites.  We have now installed

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