Administrative Allocation Request for the DSI

Rivanna is the University’s High Performance Computing cluster. Users are given access to this resource through an allocation of SUs; one SU is equivalent to a core-hour of compute time. This form is used to request an allocation on the system from the DSI larger than the Standard allocation for one year.

Researchers who require very significant resource allocations should speak with staff in ARCS to develop their request and to determine the suitability of applying for resources at national facilities (e.g. XSEDE).

Part 1
Part 2
Please describe your research project in the box below (submit additional pages if needed). Be sure to include details of what you did with the startup allocation and how you plan to use the administrative allocation. Also, please provide a brief description of the code(s) and/or software you will be using, along with performance information to justify the resource request.
Part 3
One of the goals of this cluster is to support sponsored research. Please list the title, award agency, award number, and award dates for research that will be enabled by this allocation, as well as other intended research outputs. Researchers are expected to provide project outcomes from allocations granted on the system.
Part 4
In the box below, please briefly explain why this project requires access to Rivanna’s key features (e.g. fast parallel scratch storage, fast internode communication, etc.).
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