Registration Open for ARCS Fall 2017 Workshops

ARCS workshops are free and open to any member of the UVA community with an interest in learning advanced computing. The following workshops will be offered during the fall 2017 semester:



This hands-on workshop is an introduction to using Fiji, an open-source and enhanced version of the popular ImageJ program used for scientific image processing. Participants will be introduced to image processing filters, strategies for image background correction, as well as identification and analysis of image objects of interest using segmentation masks. Prerequisite: No prior knowledge of ImageJ or Fiji is required. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop with Fiji (an enhanced version of ImageJ) 

Dates/times: Tuesday, October 10, 1 pm-3 pm Location: Health Sciences Library


Rivanna 2.0 

This workshop is a very quick overview of the changes to the Rivanna cluster, including new hardware, modifications to the queues, and an updated module. Prerequisite: Should be a current user of the Rivanna cluster.

Dates/times: September 29, 1-2 pm OR Oct. 4, 4-5 pm Location: Brown 133


NumPy, SciPy, and Matplotlib

This workshop will provide a very basic introduction to the NumPy package, which is part of the Python programming language. The packages SciPy and Matplotlib will also be discussed. Prerequisite: Some programming experience in Python is recommended.

Dates/times: Wednesday, September 27, 4 pm-6 pm Location: Brown 133


Immersive Python

This two-day intensive session will teach the fundamentals of programming for science, engineering, and social sciences using Python. Prerequisite: This session is suitable for beginner programmers.

Dates/times: October 2 & October 3, 9 am-5 pm Location: Olsson 009


Optimizing R 

This workshop examines timing issues associated with R programs.  Topics will include the causes for R being slow, techniques for making R code faster, and methods for timing blocks of code. Prerequisite: Some programming experience in R.

Dates/times: Tuesday, October 17, 4 pm-6 pm Location: Brown 133


Introduction to Parallel R 


This workshop is a hands-on introduction to using the R programming language across multiple cores or nodes. R is primarily a serial language but several add-ons allow a single program to run on multiple processors, which can greatly speed it up if done carefully. Prerequisite: Some programming experience in R; and an account on Rivanna.

Dates/times: Tuesday, October 24, 4 pm-6 pm Location: Brown 133


Parallel Mathematica 


This workshop is a hands-on introduction to using the parallel computing capabilities of Mathematica to solve computationally-intensive problems on multicore and multiprocessor computers. The class will culminate with examples of how to submit parallel Mathematica programs to the HPC Cluster. Prerequisite: Introduction to Rivanna  or equivalent. You must have the ability to operate in a Unix environment to submit parallel Mathematica programs to the cluster. You also should be familiar with using Mathematica. 

Dates/times: Thursday, October 5, 5 pm-7 pm Location: Brown 133


Parallel MATLAB 

This workshop will cover all aspects of parallel computing using Matlab on Rivanna, with both task and data parallel examples, as well as the use of the GPU nodes. Participants will be assisted in working through a set of exercises on Rivanna. Prerequisite: Access to the Rivanna cluster and familiarity with Linux and Matlab.  This class is primarily meant for faculty and graduate students doing computational research.

Dates/times: Tuesday, September 26, 5 pm-9 pm Location: Brown 133


Introduction to Rivanna 

Topics are aimed at researchers who are ready to move their computational research from their desktops to a faster environment. Emphasis will be on submitting jobs with the SLURM queuing system.  Prerequisite: Experience with programming and an allocation on the Rivanna cluster.

Dates/times: Sept. 29, 10-11 am OR Sept. 29, 4-5 pm OR Oct. 6, 10-11 am OR Oct. 13, 4-5 pm OR Oct. 20, 4-5 pm OR Oct. 27, 10-11 am Location: ARCS offices, 1023 Millmont St.