Rivanna Maintenance, December 18

Rivanna will be down for maintenance on Tuesday, December 18 beginning at 6 a.m. You may continue to submit jobs until the maintenance period begins, but if the system determines your job will not have time to finish, it will not start until Rivanna is returned to service. Rivanna is expected to return to service later in the day.

 The following software packages will be removed from Rivanna during the maintenance period:

  • cufflinks/2.2.1
  • GNOME desktop environment (replaced with MATE desktop environment)

 The following software packages will be upgraded during the maintenance period:

  • anaconda2/4.4.0—upgraded to anaconda/5.2.0-py2.7
  • anaconda3/4.4.0—upgraded to anaconda/5.2.0-py3.6
  • intel/17.0—upgraded to intel/18.0 (intel/16.0 will remain the default version)
  • deepTools/2.5.3—upgraded to deepTools/3.1.2 (available as part of bioconda/py2.7 and bioconda/py3.6)

Please note: All Fortran, C, and C++ users should be prepared to recompile their code once the maintenance period has ended.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please contact our user support team at hpc-support@virginia.edu prior to 12/18.