Project Consulting

ARCS consulting services can help you take your research to the next level through the use of advanced computational techniques. Our experts are accustomed to working with researchers from across Grounds who are ready to take advantage of the University’s high-performance resources, but need help conceptualizing and executing their computation-intensive projects.

ARCS consulting team members provide professional advice, hands-on training, and constructive feedback at every stage of the process. Since our founding in 2008, we have assisted scores of academic researchers looking for better ways to solve complex optimization, parallelization, workflow, and data analysis issues. From concept to code, we’re here to help.

Our team members forge creative partnerships and tackle complex computing problems which may take days or even months to solve. A majority of ARCS consulting services are free, but some long-term collaborations require contributions from outside funding.

Ready to Get Started?

Once a proposal has been approved, it is assigned to an ARCS consulting team member, who sees the project through to completion based on the order in which it was received.*

To submit a consultation request, please use our webform. Once we receive information about your project, we will schedule an appointment to discuss your needs. In the meantime, please review and sign the ARCS Consulting Agreement.

* Please be aware that the title, abstract, PI, and participants associated with accepted proposals may be published on the ARCS website. All other information is kept confidential and is seen only by ARCS staff.

We kindly request acknowledgement in any publications that may result from ARCS services. Suggested citation: "The authors acknowledge Advanced Research Computing Services at the University of Virginia for providing computational resources and technical support that have contributed to the results reported within this paper."