Education, Training, & Outreach

Orientation Sessions

New users are invited to attend one of our free one-hour orientation sessions ("Introduction to the HPC System") held throughout the year at 1023 Millmont Street, North Grounds. We can also come to your department or organization. Please use our contact form to reserve your space. Topics are aimed at researchers who are ready to move their computational research from their desktops to a faster environment. Emphasis will be on submitting jobs with the SLURM queuing system. Prerequisite: Experience with programming and an allocation on the HPC System.

Effective Use Of HPC Systems 

This workshop provides an introduction to effective use of high-performance computing (HPC) systems.  Appropriate usage of SLURM for high-performance and high-throughput workflows will be discussed.  The different types of parallelism will be covered (multicore versus distributed) and how those map to SLURM scripts.  Strategies for determining how efficiently parallel codes are performing will be described.  A brief introduction to accessing national resources for very large-scale computing will be provided. Prerequisite: An account on an HPC system, preferably Rivanna. Some basic experience with bash scripting and SLURM. Ability to use a Unix command line at an elementary level. Attendees who wish to participate in hands-on exercises should bring a laptop. 

Dates/times: By appointment

Python Video Series

Do you need to use a specific Python package for your research, develop specialized analyses for your data, or want to learn how Python can improve your research?  ARCS is now offering a 10 part video series called Programming with Python for Scientists and Engineers with episode guides and coding assignments to practice the concepts after each video.  Learn the basics of programming and important Python concepts, as well as good programming practices.  You'll also use the popular Python modules NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas, all of which are included with the Anaconda distribution of Python and serve as the basis for most scientific programming using Python.  The video series is freely available to anyone who wishes to learn to programming in Python. Click here to get started learning Python.

ARCS Workshops free_1.gif

ARCS offers workshops over the course of the fall and spring semesters, as well as a Summer Education Series. These workshops cover a variety of topics and help new users become familiar with research computing at UVA.

Spring 2019 Workshops:

For Credit Courses

CS 5014, Introduction to Computation as a Research Tool

This three-credit course has been designed by the University of Virginia Advanced Research Computing Services group to provide centralized instruction in programming, computational algorithms, and use of the University's high-performance computing resources to graduate students who want to use advanced computational methods in their research.

Please see the syllabus for more details. The course will be offered each spring semester until further notice. Registration must be carried out through the UVA Student Information System (SIS).

Additional Training Opportunities

Free workshops and courses are also offered by our partner organizations (click on the links below for details):

Research Data Services