Viz Lab

The Viz Lab is a facility designed to help UVA faculty, staff, and students explore the power of visualization in research and education.

By allowing researchers to interactively view data, the Viz Lab helps them find innovative ways of translating data into images and see stacks of images as three-dimensional models. Discoveries can be made and visual results shared with remote collaborators through a Cisco system.

Find out what your data are telling you!


Systems & Resources

Virtual Reality Environment (Touch Table II & HTC Vive)      

Touch Table II is a 65" ultra high-definition monitor with capacitative touch that is driven by a computer with 64GB RAM and two NVidia GeForce 970 Graphics cards. It interacts with an HTC Vive headset which allows users to experience the wonders of virtual reality.

Visualization Environment (Touch Table I & the Viz Wall)

Touch Table I consists of a 55" monitor with touch capability that can be used to interact with images on the Viz Wall. It is driven by a computer with 64GB RAM and one NVidia Quadro 2000 Graphics card. The Viz Wall is a 4' X 7.5' MicroTile system with a resolution of 7.76 Mpixels developed by Christie Digital.

GPU Environment (Escher & Delaunay)

Escher is a high-end graphics workstation with 64 GB RAM and two NVidia GeForce Titan Graphics cards.  Delaunay is a high-end graphics workstation with 32 GB RAM and two NVidia GeForce 760 Graphics cards. Both machines are available to researchers upon request.




The Viz Lab is conveniently located in Rice Hall on the south end of UVA's historic Grounds. To request a tour of the Viz Lab or to receive training on the equipment, simply fill out and submit this form.


Viz Lab Calendar

The Viz Lab is open to UVA researchers Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Extended access is available to those with longer-term research projects. The calendar below is updated regularly and shows the days/times the Viz Lab is unavailable. To reserve your time slot(s), please contact us through this form.